Top 9 Activities for Adults in Guelph

Wondering what fun activities to do in Guelph? With its vibrant community spirit, the city is always teeming with activities that are perfect for adults looking for some fun or something different to do. From relaxing nature trips to exciting cultural festivals, check out these 9 activities for adults in Guelph.

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1. Guelph’s Art Scene

Immerse yourself in Guelph’s fascinating art culture by exploring its numerous art galleries and studios. Discover contemporary and historical exhibitions at The Art Gallery of Guelph or, for a more hands-on experience, consider participating in art classes offered by local studios like The Painted Turtle Art Shop.

2. Cycling Through Scenic Trails

Guelph has an extensive network of cycling trails, spreading throughout the city. If you’re a cycling enthusiast, get your bicycle and travel through Guelph’s famous cycling trails, such as the Eramosa River Trail – Guelph Radial Trail, Royal Recreation Trail, and more! All offer a panoramic view of the city’s gorgeous towns and natural environment.

3. Sampling Local Flavors at Guelph’s Foodie Hot Spots

Indulge your taste buds by exploring Guelph’s thriving culinary scene. Start your day by visiting the Guelph Farmer’s Market, where you can buy local goods ranging from fresh produce to delectable treats.

For a more refined dining experience, you can go downtown where you can enjoy exquisite local dishes from popular restaurants like Borealis Grille & Bar, Aberfoyle Mill Restaurant, and more!

4. Cultural Festivals

Attending local events or festivals is always terrific! Guelph’s vibrant cultural scene offers various celebrations like the Guelph Jazz Festival every September, which showcases the best of contemporary jazz, or the Hillside Festival every July, full of festive music, art, and environmental initiatives.

A woman cheering at an outdoor festival. Photo credit: DepositPhotos.
Photo credit: DepositPhotos.

These festivals will allow you to connect with the local community and celebrate Guelph’s diverse culture. So, keep an eye on the city’s event calendar to catch these events and more!

5. Hiking

Lace up your hiking boots and explore Guelph’s famous trails at Starkey Hill Trail, Guelph Lake Conservation Area, and more! Find the perfect hiking trail for you, and venture through Guelph’s stunning outdoor areas.

Most of these hiking trails offer several scenic trails that accommodate varying levels of expertise. So, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned hiker, there will be a hiking trail for you!

A couple hiking. Photo credit: DepositPhotos.
A couple hiking. Photo credit: DepositPhotos.

6. Joining Guelph Sports League

If you’re into any kind of sport, joining the Guelph Sports League is a great way to stay active while meeting new people. Whether you’re into soccer, softball, ultimate frisbee, or any other sport, joining the league will allow you to gain a platform for friendly competition and sportsmanship. Check out the Guelph Sports League’s offerings and discover a fun way to stay fit while making friends.

7. Participating in Workshops and Classes

Guelph has numerous institutions that offer a diverse range of workshops and classes for adults, such as the Guelph School of Art. Whether you’re interested in learning a new language, honing your cooking skills, or getting into arts and crafts, there are plenty of opportunities around the city. Take a few minutes and find the perfect workshop or class for you.

8. Networking at Local Meetup Events

Expand your social circle by attending Guelph’s local meetup events through platforms like Meetup and Eventbrite. These are websites where you can find groups and clubs that host networking events, book clubs, and hobby-specific gatherings where you can connect with like-minded individuals with shared interests. Find the perfect group that fits your interests and engage with the local community of Guelph!

9. Volunteering at Charity Organizations

Guelph is home to numerous charitable organizations and community initiatives that welcome volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, consider joining programs like Habitat for Humanity Guelph Wellington or offering your assistance at local food banks. Volunteering contributes to the community and makes a positive impact. It can also give you a sense of fulfillment and a deep connection to the community.

Guelph offers a diverse culture that allows for countless opportunities for fun and exciting activities for any adult. Art, music, hiking, sports, or whatever your interest is, you can find something to do in Guelph!

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