Top 9 Best Family Restaurants in Guelph

Looking for the perfect place to dine with your family in Guelph? Guelph has a diverse selection of family restaurants spread throughout the city. Whether you’re looking for a casual dining experience or a place to celebrate special occasions with your family, there’s a restaurant for you! Here are my 9 favorite family restaurants in Guelph.

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1. Borealis Grille & Bar

Borealis Grille & Bar is a popular restaurant that offers a wide selection of food for dinner, lunch, and date night specials. With its warm and inviting atmosphere, homely rustic decor, and attentive staff, Borealis is an ideal spot for a family meal. Plus, Borealis uses locally sourced ingredients, ensuring an authentic local dining experience.

2. The Wooly Pub

The Wooly Pub is perfect for families looking for a cozy pub atmosphere with a family-friendly twist. Their menu is filled with pub-style classics, ranging from burgers to salads. They also have a dedicated kids’ menu with a selection of tasty options. We always get big, juicy burgers, though their mac and cheese is always delicious, too! With its relaxed setting and welcoming environment, it’s a go-to spot for families in Guelph.

3. Miijidaa Cafe + Bistro

Miijidaa Cafe + Bistro is a unique dining destination in Guelph, where Indigenous-inspired dishes are served. Enjoy a diverse range of dishes showcasing delicious native flavors. Bison burgers, mushroom risotto, and more are all on the menu.

4. State & Main Kitchen and Bar

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State & Main Kitchen and Bar is the perfect restaurant for those looking for a casual and comfortable dining experience. With a selection of dishes, including burgers, sandwiches, and shareable appetizers, it’s an excellent spot to relax with your whole family. Aside from the delicious food and snacks, its laid-back atmosphere helps you relax and unwind. 

5. The Keg Steakhouse + Bar

If you’re looking for a classic upscale steakhouse experience with your family The Keg Steakhouse + Bar is a great choice. This restaurant is known for its premium steak and seafood cuts. It offers a refined yet family-friendly atmosphere. The menu ranges from desserts and food for kids to wine and drinks for adults. Yes, it’s pricier, but it’s a dependable spot that’s kid-friendly and perfect for special occasions.

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6. The Bollywood Bistro

The Bollywood Bistro introduces an exciting world of Indian flavors to Guelph, perfect for those with adventurous palates. They offer an exciting menu where families can explore the diverse and aromatic dishes of Indian cuisine. The menu includes a mix of classic Indian dishes and innovative creations, showcasing exotic flavors. With its colorful decor, attentive service, and an array of flavorful options, The Bollywood Bistro provides a unique culinary journey for families.

7. Buon Gusto Restaurant

Indulge in authentic Italian dining at Buon Gusto Restaurant. With a menu inspired by traditional flavors, this restaurant offers a taste of Italy in every bite! Their popular dish, Tagliatelle al Ragu, features handcrafted pasta bathed in a slow-cooked meat sauce that embodies traditional Italian comfort. Buon Gusto’s warm, inviting, and rustic decor creates an intimate setting—perfect for romantic dinners or family gatherings.

8. The Red Brick Cafe

The Red Brick Cafe got its name from its location in a charming red-brick building. This restaurant is known for its friendly environment, where families can dine inside the building or opt for outdoor seating when the weather is nice. Red Brick Cafe’s dedication to creating a welcoming space and serving delicious meals makes it a top choice for families in Guelph.

9. Helmand Kabab House

Helmand Kabab House introduces families to the rich and flavorful world of Middle Eastern cuisine. Experience an authentic dinner with a menu featuring traditional dishes like kebabs, tikka, and shawarma. Whether you’re looking for halal food or you just want to experience authentic Afghani food while in Guelph, Helmand Kabab House is an excellent choice.

Guelph’s culinary scene is as diverse as its community, where each restaurant tells its own story. From casual dinners to fancy fine dining establishments, Guelph has it all! So, gather the family and dine out tonight!

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