Covent Garden: Shopping, Dining, and Culture Destination

Covent Garden is a lively district in the heart of London, Ontario that stands as a tribute to the city’s rich history and vibrant culture. Inspired by its namesake in London, UK, it’s a place filled with fun entertainment, delicious dining, and unique shopping experiences for locals and visitors alike. From its humble beginnings to its lovely attractions, here’s everything you need to know about what makes Covent Garden a must-visit destination.

Outside view of Covent Garden
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Covent Garden’s History

Covent Garden Market traces its roots back to the 1830s when it was first established as a public market square. To meet the growing needs of the local community, it quickly became a focal point for commerce, socializing, and cultural exchange. Taking inspiration from its namesake in London, UK, the market aimed to capture the vibrant spirit and energetic atmosphere of its British counterpart.

Over the years, Covent Garden adapted to the changing needs of the residents while retaining its historical charm. It became a market that was not only a go-to spot for fresh produce and goods but also a center for arts, entertainment, and community gatherings. As London expanded and modernized, Covent Garden remained a beloved landmark, preserving its historic charm while embracing contemporary influences.

Today, Covent Garden continues to thrive as a beloved part of London’s cultural and culinary scene. Visitors can explore a diverse range of vendors at the indoor farmer’s market offering everything from fresh produce to unique artisanal products and global cuisine. The market also hosts various events, including festivals, concerts, and art exhibitions, creating a sense of community and celebration. Covent Garden’s enduring legacy reflects the city’s lively spirit, making it a cherished destination for locals and visitors alike.

The Location

Located in the heart of downtown London, Covent Garden occupies a prime location at 130 King Street, making it easily accessible to everyone. Its central location makes it the perfect focal point for residents to come together and enjoy delicious food, artisanal crafts, and community events. Whether you’re a local looking for a weekend escape or a visitor exploring London for the first time, Covent Garden’s location ensures that you’re never too far from it.

Surrounded by charming streets and historic buildings, Covent Garden sits close to many of London’s other attractions, such as Victoria Park and Original Kids Theatre. Being at the perfect spot within the city, it serves as both a marketplace and a gathering place where people come together to connect, explore, and celebrate the best that London has to offer.

What to Eat in Covent Garden

Covent Garden is a food lover’s paradise, offering a diverse range of culinary delights that cater to every taste bud. Whether you’re into fresh produce or gourmet meals, the market has something to offer for everyone. 

The Tea Haus at Covent Garden
Photo credit: Jenn Allen

One place you can go to is The Tea Haus where you can enjoy a wide selection of premium teas while exploring their high-quality teaware, ranging from pots to mugs. It’s a delightful place that every tea connoisseur will love. Plus, they have a gazillion different kinds of teas. I tried the East Coast Blend and it is wonderful. We bought a few others to try, too. Or, just order a cup of tea and take it to one of the nearby tables.

Chris Corner at Covent Garden
Photo credit: Jenn Allen

For those seeking sweet and delicious treats, Mustangs Dessert is the go-to spot to satisfy your cravings. They offer a selection of mouthwatering desserts, including classic cakes, gourmet ice cream, waffles, crepes, milkshakes, and more. Every item on the menu is carefully crafted to perfection using fresh, seasonal fruits and premium Belgian Chocolate.

HasBeans at Covent Garden
Photo credit: Jenn Allen

If you’re in the mood for some coffee, HasBeans is the place to go. This charming spot not only serves exceptional coffee but also roasts its own beans on-site, ensuring a consistently rich and aromatic cup. Aside from their gourmet coffees, they also sell teas, cookies and treats, and hot choco.

For those looking for savory delights, the market’s deli section has a diverse selection of restaurants offering meats, cheeses, and deli sandwiches. The New Dehli Deli, a local favorite, has a menu filled with Caribbean recipes packed with flavorful spices for a satisfying lunch.

What to Do in Covent Garden

Beyond the culinary delights, Covent Garden Market offers a range of activities to keep visitors entertained. The district is home to the Grand Theatre, a historic performing arts venue hosting a variety of plays, musicals, and concerts. Art enthusiasts can explore the numerous galleries, while history buffs can take a stroll through the nearby Eldon House, a beautifully preserved 19th-century mansion. Plus, Covent Garden frequently hosts events and festivals, such as the London Multicultural Festival every June where you can enjoy live music, art, crafts, and cuisine.

Skating Rink Outside Covent Garden
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During winter months, Covent Garden opens an outdoor skating rink just right at its front. The rink adds a touch of winter magic to the market, inviting both skilled skaters and beginners to glide beneath the open sky. The festive atmosphere around the rink makes it a perfect spot for families, couples, and friends to enjoy a winter day.

Notice about Covent Garden Parking Rules
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Covent Garden also offers a 1-hour free parking option with validation, allowing you to explore the district without worrying about parking fees. Whether you’re visiting to enjoy a leisurely meal, shop for unique finds, or engage in cultural activities, the complimentary parking provides added ease to your experience.

What to See in Covent Garden

A view of Covent Garden Market
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One of the main attractions in Covent Garden is the market itself—a historic landmark dating back to 1845. Visitors can stroll around vibrant stalls offering fresh produce, artisanal products, and unique crafts. From farm-fresh fruits and vegetables to homemade baked goods and handcrafted souvenirs, the market showcases the best of Ontario’s agricultural and artisanal offerings. 

The district is also home to the Budweiser Gardens across the road, an impressive entertainment venue that hosts concerts, sports events, and other exciting activities. Various lively street performances are also frequently held at Covent Garden, further enhancing its charm.

Shopping at Covent Garden

A view of Covent Garden Market
Photo credit: Jenn Allen

Covent Garden’s market is known for its fresh produce and local goods, making it a popular spot for purchasing high-quality fruits, vegetables, meats, and artisanal products. Some merchants offering these products are Mark’s Fine Meats for meat products and Havaris Produce for fresh fruits and vegetables.

The market is also home to various specialty shops that offer unique items, such as handmade crafts and jewelry. Mia’s Paws offers high-quality organic pet products, while Adorn by Pree sells cute handmade polymer clay jewelry and accessories. Whether you’re searching for one-of-a-kind souvenirs or indulging in a shopping spree, you’ll find it in Covent Garden.

Final Words

As a historic district in the heart of the city, Covent Garden invites both locals and tourists to immerse themselves in the market’s vibrant atmosphere and discover the charm that sets it apart. There’s something for everyone in this bustling center, so plan your visit to Covent Garden today and start your journey through history, culture, and delightful experiences.

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