7 Best Date Night Restaurants in Guelph

Date nights should be simple — a table for two and a romantic ambiance. From cozy cafes to loud and lively diners, Guelph has plenty of options for a terrific date night. Here’s a handpicked list of Guelph’s signature date night restaurants that will make every date night special!

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1. Borealis Grill and Bar

Nothing beats a brand with community engagement at the heart of its approach. Borealis Grill and Bar prides itself on being obsessively local, emphasizing and appreciating local produce that keeps its food’s flavor fresh and on point. It features a dedicated date night section with rich appetizers and dessert collections that harmonize well with the season. 

Borealis Grill and Bar also bolster support for other local businesses by hosting events such as holiday gift card sales to ensure that the season of giving continues to flourish even through the smallest gestures. It also keeps locals consistently engaged through a social section on their website, where people can exchange wonderful experiences from their restaurant. 

2. Bread Bar: Where Good Ingredients Matter

At the Bread Bar, the culinary philosophy is simple: everything is made fresh from farm to table. Every sprinkle of herbs and spice and every slice of onion and tomato are all guaranteed to be handpicked fresh from the ground. 

Bread Bar offers the simplicity of comfort food dinners with a twist of sophisticated dining you can only get from high-end restaurants.

3. Baker Street Station: Home Along the Street

There’s always no place like home, especially if it’s just right along the street! Specifically at the Baker Street Station, where your choice of food and cooking style has no limits. 

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If you want big old Sloppy Joe, they got it. If you want the healthier salad options, they got it. And if you want to chow down on chicken wings and Welly pints while watching the World Cup, look no further past the Baker Street Station!

4. The Bollywood Bistro: A Night Spicier than Hollywood

Melt your tongues with the finest curries served over romantic, chilly evenings. Look your date in the eyes and let the spicy food do the smooth-talking.

Everything you need to spice up your dinner date can be found in every dish on the menu. Why travel to India when you can enjoy some of India’s finest cooking in Guelph? Treat your date to a fine evening at The Bollywood Bistro!

5. Aberfoyle Mill: Authentic Taste of Country

Perhaps one of Guelph’s most popular restaurants with rich historical value, Aberfoyle Mill, brings warmth and comfort to your dining experience. Built in 1859, this restaurant’s rustic yet enticing ambiance knows no bounds. 

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Aberfoyle Mill also offers a wedding reception area, so you might want to start your date night here for a magical full circle moment come wedding day!

6. Miijidaa Cafe + Bistro: Let’s Eat

Coming from native roots, Miijidaa is an age-old expression that translates to a simple phrase: “Let’s eat!”. This restaurant has a date night menu, offering a great spot for your special night. So, if you’re still looking for a great place for a dinner date, stop the search. Let’s eat!

7. Charcoal Steakhouse: A Place To Be

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and where there’s fire, lies Canada’s premier steakhouse. Saving the best steaks in Guelph for last — the Charcoal Steakhouse is no slouch when it comes to serving world-class, finely seared steaks. Treat your date to a dinner they’re sure to love!

They even serve a plant-based menu, so if you’re dating a vegetarian or a vegan, this steakhouse has you covered. So, book a reservation now ‘cause The Charcoal Steakhouse is just the place to be. 

One can never spell date night without getting the full dinner experience around Guelph. From these 7 handpicked restaurants alone, it will be hard not to set a date for many more dinner dates!

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