Garlic’s of London – A Review

Matthew and I day-tripped out to London to poke around and see what was new and exciting. After checking out a few of our favorite spots, we stopped for lunch at Garlic’s of London. You won’t find any vampires at this local spot where garlic takes center stage in many dishes. Upscale but still casual, inviting, and friendly, I love this local gem. Read on to learn more about this amazing restaurant.

Located right on Richmond Street in downtown London, Garlic’s of London is a mainstay original that’s been delighting diners for decades. And you can tell. The service is polished but unpretentious, the kitchen works like clockwork, and the menu is distinctly different and offers plenty of tempting treats.

It was a cold Friday afternoon when we stopped in, and they weren’t particularly busy. Apparently, we lucked out as many times they are quite full for lunch, thanks to the multitude of businesses in the area. 

Interior of Garlic’s of London
Quieter upstairs area. Photo credit: Jenn Allen

We didn’t complain about our window seat, which allowed me to get a good look at all the goings on inside and outside the restaurant. 

The Food

I was pleasantly surprised by the menu. It was diverse, interesting, and different. It didn’t try to offer dishes to the masses, instead, they stuck with its theme of hand-crafted fare where garlic is at the forefront of dishes and is never an afterthought.

We, of course, started with a bowl of the Garlic Bisque. While it could have been hotter, it was silky smooth and had plenty of roasted garlic and caramelized onion flavor. It was a hit, and Matthew and I argued (playfully) over who’d get the last spoonful. 

We also tried the Slow Roasted Garlic Bulb. Remember back in the 80s when elephant garlic was a thing? You’d cook it in the bulb, then smear the cloves over bread? This wasn’t so different, but the impossibly thin flatbread served with it, and the accompanying sauces and chutneys elevated this fun-to-eat dish to modern-day standards.

I enjoyed the Hot Smoked Garlic Fettucini for my main dish, and boy was it good! Loaded with garlic, of course, and no small amount of spice, it was so good! Matthew tried the Chicken, Bacon & Brie Wrap with garlic fries, of course.

Both mains were outstanding and delivered hot and tasty within a reasonable time.

We did not have any dessert because we were full from lunch!

The Ambiance

Interior of Garlic's
Photo credit: Jenn Allen

This is a charming restaurant. It’s welcoming and casual while still polished. It’s as suited to jeans and a T-shirt as it is more fancy nights out

Decked out with wood floors and exposed brick walls, this is the kind of place where you can enjoy a drink at the spacious center bar, or get cozy at a table with friends or family. It’s also a great date-night spot.

Spacious center bar at Garlic’s of London
Center bar area. Photo credit: Jenn Allen

The restaurant can get noisy, but there’s a smaller dining room off to the side or ask to sit up by the kitchen where there are fewer tables nearby. 

Final Thoughts

Garlic’s of London is a fabulous spot for lunch or dinner. The food is hand-crafted and features a chef-driven farm-to-table ethos that’s evident in the quality and flavor of the food. Go hungry because there’s plenty to tempt you on the menu.

London has many great restaurants, but Garlic’s is certainly at the top of my list.

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