Top 7 Indoor Winter Activities in Guelph

Winter in Guelph may call for some snow-filled fun, but there are times when you just aren’t in the mood for being outside, especially if it’s too cold or the weather is nasty. No matter the reason, these 7 indoor winter activities will still let you enjoy the winter season, but inside!

Winter trees.
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1. Visiting the Guelph Civic Museum

A memorable way to kickstart your winter holiday is by visiting the Guelph Civic Museum, where you can play and learn about Guelph with your family! The museum offers interesting exhibits and events that you will surely enjoy.

They even have a fun children’s area on the second floor where they hold various hands-on activities for your children to enjoy and learn from. It’s the perfect venue for some educational family fun!

2. Playing at the Exitus Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are fun and interactive puzzle games where you work with your friends or family to try and escape a themed room by solving a series of puzzles within a time limit. Guelph has a few escape rooms, and Exitus Escape Rooms is one of them.

They have a variety of escape rooms available, each with its own exciting theme, like wizard-themed escape rooms and space-themed escape rooms. They also have levels that range from easy to expert difficulty, offering something for everyone.

3. Visiting the Guelph Public Library

If you love reading, then you shouldn’t miss out on visiting the Guelph Public Library. It’s a great place where you can spend your time reading through a huge selection of books or you can also explore the library.

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Guelph Public Library also has countless children’s events and programs which include story times, concerts, magic shows, and more! Just check out their events calendar to know when to visit the library for the events.

4. Learning Circus Arts at TriCity Centre for Circus Arts 

Build your strength and flexibility by applying for a training course at TriCity Centre for Circus Arts! They offer aerial and ground circus arts classes, open gym classes, and private lessons. If you have been wanting to learn a new skill, circus arts is a unique and exciting ability you can try even in the middle of winter.

TriCity Centre for Circus Arts is located directly between Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, and Guelph and accommodates children and adults alike, so anyone can join in on the fun path towards self-expression and storytelling through circus arts!

5. Playing at the Royal Distributing Athletic Performance Centre

The Royal Distributing Athletic Performance Centre is a multi-use sports facility with an indoor sports field and walking track. It’s a great place where you can have fun while exercising with your family and friends, or just on your own.

Aside from the large venue, the athletic center also holds many different programs for the whole family including indoor golf, walking soccer, remote control flying, and more! It’s the ideal place to break a sweat during the cold weather of winter.

6. Axe Throwing at Riot Axe

If you have wondered how it feels to throw an axe, now is the time to visit Riot Axe for a thrilling experience! You can rent the venue for a private event with your friends and family and enjoy throwing axes for 2 hours straight. They also have a team of axe coaches to help beginners as well as axe-throwing leagues for seasoned veterans looking for competition. 

7. Rock Climbing at the Guelph Grotto Climbing Gym

Two kids climbing at the rock climbing walls.
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Ready your climbing gear and go to the Guelph Grotto Climbing Gym for a fun indoor climbing experience! They offer different types of rock climbing activities like bouldering, auto belays, ropes, and advanced training. But before you begin rock climbing, don’t forget to bring proper rock climbing gear to ensure your safety.

The winter season in Guelph is not just all about the snow and outdoor activities. There are numerous ways to have fun even in the middle of the winter. Which will you do first?

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