Don’t Let Boredom Set In: Try These 10 Fun Road Trip Games

Road trips are a fun opportunity to bond with family, but long hours of driving get boring. These fun road trip games are boredom-busters that keep everyone entertained and engaged on the journey! After all, what fun is a long drive without something to break up the monotony of the open road?

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To make sure your car ride is as enjoyable as possible, try this list of 10 great games that keep both children and adults happy. Whether you’re making an epic cross-country adventure or just heading out on a quick weekend getaway, these road trip activities provide hours of amusement.

From classic travel game favorites like I Spy to group storytelling, there’s something for everyone on this list. With these entertaining activities at your disposal, your next road trip promises to be filled with laughter and memories that’ll last even after you reach your destination.

Alphabet Game

The Alphabet Game is a perfect game for trips that never get old. The challenge is to find road signs along the journey that begin with alphabet letters in order. When you see it, shout it out and move on to the following letter.

And if there’s a tie between two players who call out the same thing, play Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide who gets the credit. Playing the alphabet game can keep you alert during long drives and give everyone something fun to do together.

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License Plate Game

License Plate Scavenger Hunt is a classic road trip game that the whole family can enjoy. While driving, look for license plates from different states, countries, or provinces.

Keep track of all the ones you find and see who has the most by the end of your journey. You can make it more challenging by making up your own rules, such as only counting plates with certain letters or numbers.

Plus, there are lots of fun variations on this classic road trip game, like finding specific types of vehicles or making up stories about where they’ve come from and where they are going. All you need is a piece of paper and some pencils to record your findings.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a fun car trip game that can help time fly by. Whether you have toddlers or teenagers on board, this game not only passes the time but helps to make memories, too.

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Before your trip, create a list of items you might see along the way. You can include anything like shapes, colors, types of buildings, or even animals. Make a simple list, print it out, and bring it along.

The first one who sees all the objects on the list wins. Scavenger hunts help encourage friendly competition and provide plenty of entertainment.

Would You Rather?

A simple game for passing the time on long trips is Would You Rather. The concept is easy: ask another passenger two broad questions they must choose between.

Make sure both options are equally pleasant or unpleasant, so it’s a matter of picking your poison. The beauty lies in the unexpected answers and funny stories that come with them.

It’s incredible how something uncomfortable can lead to enjoyable moments among the passengers. Here are some examples to get your imagination working. Would you rather:

  • Be forced to sing along or dance to every song you hear?
  • Work under the hot sun or in extreme cold?
  • Never again be able to eat pizza or French fries?

Everyone will have fun answering the questions and coming up with their own outrageous questions.

I Spy

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Whether you’re on a long drive or even just heading to the store, I Spy is a classic car game. It doesn’t require any unique materials — all you need is your eyes, ears, and imagination.

To play this old-school game, find something either inside or outside the car and say, “I spy something beginning with…” and give the first letter of the word. Or use colors and say, “I spy something…” and provide the color.

Other passengers take turns guessing until someone guesses. Here’s a list of items that make great choices when playing I Spy:

  • Animals in their natural habitats
  • Different types of vehicles
  • Interesting roadside attractions
  • Unique landmarks or buildings

Name That Tune

Name that tune is classic, timeless, and always enjoyable. If you know your song titles, then Name That Tune is the perfect go-to game for your next road trip adventure.

Everyone takes turns singing a snippet of lyrics from their favorite songs. Then everyone else has to guess the artist or name of the song or both. Switch it up and hum the tune instead of singing to make it even more challenging.

With this game, you are having family fun and have a fantastic soundtrack along for the ride, making any adventure more memorable.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Who would have thought a classic game, Rock, Paper, Scissors, could be so much fun? Yet kids love it and will play it for hours.

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Have a tournament leading to playoffs and a big final game for extra fun. Remember the rules:

  1. Paper beats rock.
  2. Rock beats scissors.
  3. Scissors beat paper.

In My Suitcase

This classic memory game can also be hilarious. Don’t just stick to standard travel items. Think of silly and outrageous things to pack and get your family laughing.

To play, the first person says, “I’m going on vacation, and I packed…” and lists an item in their suitcase. The second player has to repeat everything the previous player said and add their own thing to bring along on vacation.

If a player forgets one of the previous items packed, they are out until only one person is left. Then let them pick the next car game to play.

Twenty Questions

Twenty Questions is a fun game for family road trips. Whether you’re trying to guess your famous people or an inanimate object, there are endless possibilities, making each round unique and exciting.

Think of a person, place, or thing. Examples are “Taylor Swift,” “Niagara Falls,” or “Broccoli.” Everyone takes turns asking yes-or-no questions to narrow it down and guess what it is. But keep track because they only get 20 questions.


This game is another family favorite road trip game. The idea is to tell an amusing story, with each passenger adding one sentence at a time.

Each sentence after the first must start with “Fortunately” or “Unfortunately,” alternating as the story progresses. Here is a simple example:

  • Grace wanted to go on vacation.
  • Unfortunately, she had no money.
  • Fortunately, she won a trip to Vienna.
  • Unfortunately, she couldn’t get time off work.

And so on, continuing with the saga of poor Grace’s attempt to take a vacation and all the roadblocks and triumphs that occur.

Family Fun Road Trip Games

Road trips are a great way to bond with friends and family. You can prevent boredom from setting in with creativity and fun car games.

So make the most of your road trip and create memories that last. Letting loose and enjoying each other’s company for a few hours in the car can be a fun part of a trip.

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