7 Best Cheap Restaurants in London, Ontario

With its wide variety of cultures and cuisines, London is a food lover’s paradise. While the city is renowned for its high-end dining options, there’s a budget-friendly culinary world waiting to be discovered. Check out my list of the 7 best cheap restaurants in London that offer delectable dishes that will satisfy your taste buds but won’t break the bank!

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1. The Early Bird: A Breakfast Haven 

Are you a breakfast enthusiast who’s looking for a place with tasty and budget-friendly meals? The Early Bird is a delightful breakfast spot located in the heart of downtown London that brings a wide variety of food options—from traditional bacon and eggs to tasty dishes like the breakfast quesadilla. It has also gained a stellar reputation for its cozy ambiance and its commitment to serving delicious meals.

2. Wich is Wich: Gourmet Sandwiches on a Budget 

Thanks to its affordable prices and dedication to using only the best, freshest ingredients, Wich is Wich gives the world of sandwiches a gourmet touch without the gourmet price tag. It is a local eatery located in Wortley Village and offers a variety of options for everyone’s dietary needs, including meat lovers, vegans, and vegetarians. It is well-known for its unique sandwich combinations, which make it a great option for a classy yet reasonably-priced gourmet meal. 

3. Plant Matter Kitchen: Vegan Delights for Less

Discover and enjoy a plant-based lifestyle at Plant Matter Kitchen, where ethical dining choices are paired with affordability. This vegan restaurant is dedicated to using fresh, local ingredients and serves tasty, organic vegan dishes at reasonable prices. It sources its ingredients carefully to ensure that every meal is both delicious and environmentally sustainable. It has a diverse menu and includes flavorful plant-based burgers as well as nutritious fajita bowls. 

4. Edgar and Joe’s Café: Coffee and More at a Bargain

If you need a quick, budget-friendly meal or a caffeine fix while wandering downtown London, this cozy cafe is perfect for you! Edgar and Joe’s Café has everything you’re craving, including gourmet sandwiches, rich coffees, and sweet treats. It serves a menu full of affordable bites, going above and beyond a typical coffee shop. The variety of beverages on the menu goes well with the food choices, which creates a fully-rounded dining experience.

5. The Church Key Bistro-Pub: A Casual Yet Elegant Dining Experience

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For those looking for tasty food without going over budget, The Church Key is a top option thanks to its diverse menu that combines modern twists on pub classics. It is a casual yet sophisticated dining experience because of its satisfying drinks and cozy atmosphere. From uniquely prepared pasta dishes to perfectly cooked steaks, every dish on the menu reflects a dedication to flavor and careful attention to detail. It is a local bistro-pub favorite that you will never forget!

6. The Morrissey House: Classic Comfort Food With a Twist

Whether you’re searching for a comfortable spot for a get-together or a romantic evening, The Morrissey House hits the ideal mix between traditional comfort and contemporary style without going over budget. This gastropub offers a calm and enjoyable atmosphere and brings various creative twists to traditional comfort food. 

7. Waldo’s On King: Nostalgic and Timeless Diner Fare 

Known for its friendly ambiance and delicious meals, Waldo’s On King serves traditional favorites—from wholesome breakfasts to fulfilling lunches. It has a nostalgic and retro vibe with cozy booths and checkered floors, making the place comfortable and welcoming like a classic dinner. It captures the spirit of a traditional American diner and commits to serving tasty and affordable dishes without sacrificing quality. It is a popular choice among anyone who is looking for a relaxed and reasonably priced dining experience.

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Not all of us can afford to eat at a fancy restaurant. I’d rather spend my money on some useful stuff or save it for the future—and I know some of you can relate to this! So, if you’re like me and looking for a restaurant that will satisfy both your taste buds and your wallet, London is just the place to be.

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