7 Best Breweries in London, Ontario

Brewing in the heart of London are the richest, finest beers you’ll ever lay your lips on. Simply listing these breweries and describing the quality of beer they produce is an injustice to just how standout their hand-crafted beers are. So take note of these, my picks for the best breweries in London, and sip your way through the list!

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1. Powerhouse Brewing Company

If we’re going by order, then what better way to start a list than with a literal powerhouse? Powerhouse Brewing Company has put a stamp on being the best in the business since 1913. No one just strolls through the famous Kellog Lane without visiting this legendary spot for quality beers. 

Don’t forget to check out their weekly events as well, such as Trivia Tuesdays, Live Music Thursdays, Five Dollar Sundays, and cheap caesars and mimosas every Sunday Funday. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to give their signature Homecoming beer a try. This alone will tell you how much attention to detail they put into crafting and brewing their beers!

2. Anderson Craft Ales

What started as a complete homebrewing kit for a Christmas present, little did a young Gavin Anderson think it would turn into a multiple award-winning brewery business across several regions in Ontario. Anderson Craft Ales operates on a simple philosophy: top-quality ingredients produce top-quality beer. 

Their signature India Pale Ales (IPA) offers a different perspective on how delicious beer should be made. Backyard cookouts will never be the same once your guests pair an IPA with a hefty plateful of spicy smoked ribs. Featuring a unique blend of melon, bright citrus, and stone fruit, Anderson Craft Ales’ signature beer is to die for! 

3. Storm Stayed Brewing Company

While quality ingredients are always the standard for having your brand stand out, the special sense of community a brand brings keeps it on top. Storm Stayed Brewing Company is literally your home away from home, aside from the fact that it’s packed with some of the best beers in the region. 

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The company’s strong ties with the locals are evident in the number of events it hosts daily and weekly. They host book clubs, trivia sessions, fun runs, and even a dedicated weekend for a holiday market, where the best local goods are featured in their Taproom!

4. London Brewing Co-Operative

What makes a beer different? Is it the quality of ingredients used or the quality of the entire brewing process? At London Brewing Co-Operative, what separates their beer from the rest is the dedicated work and effort put in by local farmers. 

This company recognizes that its brand would cease to exist without its community, starting from the hands that cultivate only the finest ingredients. It’s also one of the very few that puts sustainability practices at the forefront of its operations, prioritizing recycled packaging and using over 40% less water compared to the industry average. 

5. Toboggan Brewing Company

The company name is a tribute to the Forest City’s heritage, being a hotspot of tobogganing that dates back to the late 1800s. Unlike your usual breweries, Toboggan Brewing Company features more than just beers on the menu. From sandwiches, salads, tacos, and smoked meats all the way down to thin-crust pizzas, this brewery provides way more than just your standard drinking experience. You can even build your own pizza to pair with the beer you choose.

6. Forked River Brewing Company

What started as a simple hobby among three friends became a lifetime business opportunity. The brainchild of three avid beer enthusiasts, Dave Reed, Andrew Peters, and Steve Nazarian, the Forked River Brewing Company is a product of both a passion for beer and an extensive knowledge of biotechnology. There’s a good reason why their signature Chocolate Raspberry Sweet Stout always sells out!

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7. Labatt Brewery

The success of Labatt Brewery is a product of its strict commitment to its ten principles, some of which are: “We dream big.” “We grow when our customers grow.” and “We thrive when our communities thrive.” From supporting Canada’s armed forces way back in the late 1800s to establishing a solid foundation within the community, Labatt Brewery will forever be a cornerstone in London’s beer industry.

There is no such thing as a terrible choice when it comes to the brewery scene in London. These may be on my list of the top breweries in the city, but there are far more to try. Get out there and discover them one by one!

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